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FEARFUL FRIDAY - Villain of the Week


Carnage is my favorite villain, certainly in the Marvel Universe, and likely, of all time.

Carnage was spawned (literally) when a piece of Eddie Brock’s (aka Venom) symbiote suit bonded with his cell mate’s (Cletus Kasady) DNA through a cut.

The symbiote gave Kasady some amazing powers and abilities like superhuman strength (more than Venom and Spider-Man combined), shapeshifting, being able to project a web-like substance from any part of his body into weapons (he can even throw these projections from his person at enemies, although they disintegrate in seconds), he is able to put thoughts in people’s heads, he can stick to virtually any surface, he has an accelerated healing factor, can run on slick surfaces, is impervious to Earthly infection, can change his appearance and size, has a Spider-sense, and is undetectable by other symbiotes. (Namely, Venom.)

What makes Carnage stand out in my mind as a great villain is that he is a villain to his very core. Kasady is a complete sadist; when we meet him he is already a convicted serial killer serving time for at least 11 murders. He killed his grandmother, almost killed his mother, and killed his mother’s dog. After his father kills his mother and is subsequently sent to prison. Kasady is sent to an orphanage where he was often the victim of abuse from fellow orphans and staff. Eventually he burns the orphanage down.  Kasady’s life philosophy is that spreading chaos through bloodshed is the ultimate freedom. Now couple that back story with a powerful alien symbiote and we clearly have a recipe for a supervillain.

Carnage is my favorite villain because he is a classic bad guy. He is not motivated by anything other than his desire to create chaos and wreak havoc upon the world. He is vicious, and his mania knows no bounds. I like that he is so detestable, and so fear-invoking. I like that he is nearly impossible to beat. I also really like that there’s no grey area with Carnage. There’s no reasoning with him, no hope of redemption. He is not a villain that you have sympathy for, or you kind of secretly hope actually wins out, but you know, only as long as no one is killed. No. You just want someone to kill him, or lock him up, or find another way to incapacitate him for good.

I also really like the way that he looks. He’s all points and sharp edges, and blurred lines. It’s so clear when you look at him that he is unstable and dangerous. His coloring screams violence. He’s just so well done.

Carnage is a super villain that I could actually be afraid of.

-BN, out.

PS – he’s also got a pretty sweet book out right now with Deadpool. You should probably check it out. (Deadpool vs. Carnage) :)

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Check out my haul from AP Comic Con! My two best acquisitions are the two Steranko pieces, hands down! The Cap piece will be making his home in our living room, while Nick Fury will be going to live with my boss. (I share. I’m nice like that.)
Also not pictured, a Hellboy drawing that I picked up for NC and Boba and Darth that I picked up for nn.
All together, it was an amazing weekend, and I’m already looking forward to next year.
-BN, out.

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